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Digital Employability

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The main focus of this course is to provide some knowledge on some aspects of the digital job market, regarding three main branches: employability, freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Despite the fact that the focus of this MOOC is mainly students, more specifically, finalists that wish to enter the job market, either seeking a job or creating one, the principles still apply for other people who wish to further more enrich their knowledge about the subject.

Employability – this section will cover a certain number of subjects regarding what a company normally expects from a new employee, but also how to search for a job, how a person should present himself or herself professionally or display his or her portfolio.

Freelancing – this section will provide some insight regarding to the self-employment world. It offers suggestions on how to start working with some sites that provide freelance work, as well as cover some points for the student to be wary about when starting the freelancing experience.

Entrepreneurship – the «dream job», where some people tend build their dreams upon, sometimes promises a lot but delivers too little. This section is meant to cover the opportunities and merits of building your own company, but it also wants to warn the students of the challenges that lie ahead.

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Estimated Time: 4 weeks

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